AS 9110C

Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation Maintenance

This standard includes ISO 9001:2015 quality management system requirements and specifies additional aviation, space and defence industry requirements and definitions. The standard is intended for use by organisations that design, develop and/or produce aviation, space and defence products; and by organisations providing post – delivery support, including provision of maintenance, spare parts or materials for their own products.

AS 9100 is the internationally recognized quality system standard specific to the Aviation, Space & Defence industry. Known as AS 9100 in North America, EN 9100 in Europe and JISQ 9100 in Japan, the standard is strongly supported and adhered to by major aeronautics manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing, GE and Rolls-Royce. Indeed, AS 9100 certification has already become the basic requirement demanded by all these companies to their suppliers. Based on ISO 9000 requirements, AS 9100 puts a particular focus on quality, safety and technology in all disciplines throughout the industry, and along the entire supply chain. It applies to every domain whether civil or military.

Perhaps no other industry is as obsessively safety-conscious as the aviation industry. Constantly under public scrutiny, and with little margin for error, strict quality control standards are now considered standard in every corner of the industry. In an extremely competitive global landscape, almost all the successful manufacturers, suppliers and service providers today regard quality management as their fundamental driving force. To demonstrate this commitment, however, requires independent certification. It is irrefutable evidence that quality standards are being met. Such certification can mean winning new contracts, or being left out of the race.

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