Product Certification

Product Certification

In commercial transactions, many organizations employ the services of inspection agents to ensure the shipment quantity and product quality is in conformity with contractual requirements. The professional inspection operations of SCS offer strong logistic support to clients when quality issues. All inspections can be carried out to ISO 17020 Requirements

Initial Production Checks

SCS employees has experience in numerous fields to evaluate the test reports and to assess the production system. Currently we are doing in almost all electronics/electrical/construction products /machineries.

SCS covers different types of standards for this service. Please contact us to know whether your product can be certified against IEC/EN standards or not by SCS

Factory developed qualification protocols from SCS ensure:
  • Compliance with standards within your industry
  • Execution by factory trained technicians
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance during audits
  • Lower cost of compliance than other solutions
  • Equipment ready-for-use when you need it
  • Acceptance tests for Retail customers that your SCS product is ready to be installed in the store with connectivity to all critical business systems